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How it all works

Taylor Associates is a prominent training company working with governments, banks, financial institutions and corporations. We specialise in:

  • Financial skills
  • Investment banking, insurance, fund management and corporate treasury
  • Management Development & Leadership
  • Diversity
  • Legal issues

We come to your premises at dates of your choosing - timetable permitting and rely on you to provide the venue and any catering. We provide all the course materials. Special rates are available for small groups.

Taylor Associates are also market leaders in the provision of customer focus programmes: these range from face-to-face customer influencing skills, to effective presentations, report and letter writing, and marketing and selling skills.

All of our programmes can be tailored with respect to, content, complexity and duration, from beginners to advanced.

Training can be delivered by:

  • Traditional courses and workshops
  • Blended Learning (combination of eLearning and classroom)
  • ELearning/CD/intranet