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Syndicated Lending

  • Banking and Financial Markets, Corporate Finance, Retail Banking, Risk and Credit
  • Duration: One day
  • Information

    This course is designed for bankers and corporate financiers needing to obtain a thorough knowledge of the business and legal issues relating to underwriting and placing a syndicated loan. This will concern bankers working as credit analysts, management trainees, account and marketing officers, and loan syndication staff as well as corporate financiers who negotiate with banks in order to obtain funding.

    Syndicated lending continues to be one of the most flexible and widely used methods of raising finance. The ability to raise funds relatively quickly and more easily than on the equity markets, ensuring the continued primacy of this financing mechanism. Recent market developments such as the one year jumbo syndicated loan for acquisition finance, the secondary assets market, the new role of credit rating agencies in the process, and rise of the internet as a tool for syndicating a loan will also be covered.


    The course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the market and mechanism of the Syndicated Loan, its characteristics as a financing vehicle, and the major legal and documentation issues relating to the setting in place of a syndicated loan. The roles of the agent bank and participant, and how this relates to the roles and responsibilities and mechanisms to ensure the smooth running of the back office loans administration function of the course are treated in detail.

    The course aims to introduce bankers, and corporate finance officers as well as members of corporate treasury and finance departments to the techniques used by bankers to syndicate a big ticket loan in the international financial markets.

    The course is divided into 6 sessions and benefits from up to date syndicated lending statistical data provided by LOANWARE and on line access to the Loan Marketing Association.


    Session 1:

    • Introduction to syndicated lending

    Session 2:

    • Participants, roles and commitments

    Session 3:

    • Facility structure and analysis

    Session 4:

    • The legal framework

    Session 5:

    • The borrower’s viewpoint

    Session 6:

    At the end of the course participants should be able to understand:

    • The syndicated lending and secondary asset market

    • The various roles and commitments of participants in a syndicated loan

    • The various ways to structure and price a syndicated loan

    • Some of the pertinent legal issues

    • How to use financial analysis to define the loan covenants in a loan agreement

    • How the internet has impacted the loan syndications market

    • The issues required to win a mandate from a borrower

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