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Swaps and Credit Derivatives

  • Banking and Financial Markets, Bonds & Fixed Income Markets, Derivatives, Risk and Credit
  • Duration: Two days
  • Information

    This Two-Day will allow delegates to practice swap pricing, structuring and hedging techniques. Spreadsheet models will be used extensively to demonstrate issues under discussion. All sections of the course will involve case study work drawn from real examples. Special attention will be drawn to the use of these financial techniques as appropriate to your business.


    Day One

    Session 1:


    • Financial Mathematics

    • Discount factors, present and future value

    • Construction of zero coupon model

    • Yield curves and market conventions

    • Swap spreads/government debt markets

    Session 2:

    • Generic Interest Rate Swaps

    • Participants, asset and liability management

    • Structuring and pricing

    • Swap structures

    • Liability swaps/Asset swaps

    • Non-Generic Structures

    • Forward starts

    • Libor margins

    Session 3:

    Interest Rate Futures/FRAs/Swaps

    • Futures pricing

    • FRA pricing

    • Futures: swap arbitrage

    Day Two

    Session 1:

    Pricing Medium Term Foreign Exchange

    • Combining discount

    • factors Forward points

    Session 2:

    Currency Swap Structures

    • Fixed/Fixed

    • FX Swaps

    • Basis swaps

    • Fixed/Floating

    Session 3:

    Swap Risk Management

    • Warehousing Risk

    • Spread risk and hedging

    • Timing mismatches

    • Interest rate exposure

    • Swap portfolio risk

    Session 4:

    Hedging with Bonds and Futures

    • Use and misuse of duration

    • Basis point and convexity

    • Futures equivalency

    • Floating rate risk management

    • Spread risk

    • Modified duration

    Session 5:

    What are Credit Derivatives?

    • Market size

    • Market development

    • Main institutions

    Session 6:

    Credit Swaps

    • Total return swaps

    • Index products

    • Market liquidity and pricing

    • Default swaps

    Session 7:

    • Bond Market products

    • Credit linked notes

    • Practical difficulties

    • Standardisation

    • Bid/Offer spreads

    • Documentation

    • Risk diversification

    • Capital arbitrage/Trading spreads

    • Non cash credit portfolios

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