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Merger and Acquisition

  • Banking and Financial Markets, Corporate Finance, Retail Banking
  • Duration: One day
  • Information

    This is a one-day programme with the possibility of being extended to the clients needs.


    Session 1:


    • Choice between acquisition, organic growth and strategic alliances

    • Acquisition objectives, checklist and screening, need for advisors?

    • Case study: Choice of acquisition strategies for UK companies

    Session 2:


    • Motivations of the parties involved in the process and scope for conflict of interest

    • Key differences between acquisition of quoted and private companies

    • Merits and demerits of an auction, issues that arise in hostile bids

    • Due diligence

    • Case study: Choice of Sale Method

    Session 3:

    Valuing the Target

    • Distinguishing standalone value from value to the buyer

    • Synergies and costs of achieving them

    • Risk areas, sensitivity analysis, what cost of capital to use

    • Control premium, private company discount and other factors influencing price

    • Case study: Building synergies into acquisition valuation of a UK company and contrasting standalone value vs. value to the buyer

    Session 4:

    Structuring the Acquisition

    • Buying shares or assets

    • Paying with cash or shares

    • Deciding on the appropriate level of debt financing

    • Additional analysis required for highly leveraged deals

    • Case study: Managers’ factors in deciding on how much debt is appropriate

    • Case study: Significance of choice of debt or equity for Earnings Per Share

    • Case study: Structuring the cash/debt vs. shares mix for a UK acquisition

    Session 5:

    Making it work

    • When do acquisitions work?

    • Factors influencing success or failure of an acquisition

    • Where does post-deal integration go wrong?

    • Case study: Developing a post-deal checklist for a UK company

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