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How to Set & Achieve Your Strategic Business Goals

  • Management Skills
  • Information

    This course will give you the skills and tools to successfully implement strategy.
    Successful strategic financial management is critical in managing uncertainty and coping with change and understanding risk is essential.


    Aims and outcomes:

    How often does your business or department actually achieve strategic goals and objectives?  Only 30% of businesses actually do.

    Who will benefit?

    Anyone in business who wants to successfully implement and achieve a business goal or objective, whether at an individual level or at a corporate level.


    Course content:


    The link between strategy and the daily activities that achieve those goals – ‘the golden thread’

    Strategic financial management and budgeting requires a clear link between the organisation’s objectives, the resources that support them and the tasks with achieve them.
    Do you have a golden thread linking strategy, the critical success factors that achieve these goals and objectives and a clear call to action which result from the actual outcomes to keep you on track to implement that strategy?



    – how we cope with uncertainty and rise to the challenge of opportunities

     The importance of reactive skills
     Analysis of risk objectively to factors which can be controlled and factors outside our control
     Using financial management to manage and respond to risk

    Selling & Leadership skills

    – convince others of your vision and strategy. Can you sell your vision? If you can’t sell your strategy to those who are critical to implementing it, then it will fail.
     Selling your vision to the team
     Finding your position, intention and direction
     Encouraging strategic thinkers
     Making your team more agile and able to cope with uncertainty and change
     Understanding of internal & external pressures
     communicating with internal & external partnerships
     Understanding funding and use of resources

    Practical application:

    How to adopt strategic financial management approach in practice
    • How to think strategically
    • Widen commercial awareness, not adopt a narrow perspective
    • Link strategy to budgetary process
    o Ability to specify priorities and make choices with resource limits
    • What data do you want the reporting process to give you?
    o Identify critical success factors
     Financial factors
     Non-financial factors
    • How to use the data to anticipate and respond to changing circumstances and drive evidence-based decisions
    • Use process to manage financial risk

    Case study:

    Apply the course theory by setting a strategic goal, identifying risks, critical success factors and outcome measures and call to action responses.

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