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M&A Modelling 3 days

  • Corporate Finance, Financial Modelling, Risk and Credit
  • Duration: Three days
  • Information

    This is an essential course for those who require an understanding of the financial modelling, risk management, Merger and Acquisition, Corporate Finance.

    Previous experience with excel is preferred.


    Course Objectives
    This is a comprehensive 3 day workshop to teach delegates how to design and build superior financial models.

    We listen to our clients and develop quantitative workshops which are informative and add real value. All our workshops are 'hands-on' with theory and demonstrations followed by 'leaning by doing'. This ensures that we provide real-world methods and internationally recognised techniques that can be successfully implemented immediately after the workshops.


    Day 1 - Introduction and M&A Model

    Module 1: Introduction

    Overview of the course
    Problems associated with mergers and acquisitions
    Attributes of successful acquisitions
    Types of deals
    Deal time line and stages of an acquisition

    Module 2: Model Design Best Practice

    Starting position
    Model layout and design
    Spreadsheet design best practice
    Design standard
    Model building steps
    Practical: producing a model framework using best practice

    Module 3: Accounting Methods and Theory

    Description of purchase and pooling accounting methods
    Worked example
    Practical: completing operating statements

    Module 4: Ratio Analysis

    Financing the acquisition
    Risk matrix
    Practical: Completing template


    Day Two - M&A Model

    Module 5: Synergy and Sensitivity

    Integration and success factors
    Types of synergies
    Revenue, cost and financial
    Practical: calculating required synergies

    Module 6 :LBO Modelling Issues

    Value enhancement
    Practical: reviewing examples

    Module 7: Modelling Assumptions

    Modelling process
    Review existing statements
    Forecast financial and cash flow
    Cost of capital and terminal value
    Practical valuation model

    Module 8: Modelling Financial Statements

    Outline of case study
    Financing structures
    Cash flow
    Debt repayments
    Model completion - cash flow and capital structure

    Day 3 - Returns and Sensitivity

    Module 9: Cost of Capital and Terminal Value

    Free cash flows
    Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
    Cost of debt
    Weighted average cost of capital
    Terminal methods
    EV / EBITDA multiples
    Model completion - cost of capital, terminal value and initial valuation

    Module 10: Adjusting for Management Incentives

    Value enhancing measures
    Financial covenants
    Model completion - cover ratios, decision factors
    Acceptability of result against cover ratios and key multiples
    Practical: adjusting for covenants

    Module 11: Testing Assumptions

    Testing model assumptions
    Sensitivity analysis
    Goal Seek and Solver techniques
    Practical: Adding sensitivity and scenarios

    Module 12: Model Summary and Presentation

    Management summary
    Dynamic charts
    Presenting key findings
    User feedback
    Version control

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