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Loan Documentation

  • Banking and Financial Markets, Corporate Finance, Documentation, Financial Modelling, Legal, Risk and Credit
  • Duration: One day
  • Information

    This is a One-Day programme which is designed to review key loan agreement clauses, with an emphasis on available protection to the lending banker. The programme is aimed at personnel with some involvement in the negotiation or review of loan documentation.


    Session 1:

    The importance of documentation

    • The purpose of documentation

    • Legal framework - Legally binding contracts

    • Relationship between term sheet and credit agreement

    • Requirement to accurately reflect the agreed commercial terms

    Session 2:

    Types of Agreements & reference documents

    • Term loans, revolving credits, committed/uncommitted, multicurrency

    • Acquisition finance

    • Letter of Credit facilities & UCP 600. Guarantees & ICC 458

    • Syndicated loans. Loan Market Association standardized documentation

    Session 3:

    Other Essential Supporting Documentation

    • Ultra Vires/intra Vires

    • Know Your Customer (KYC) and Money Laundering rules

    • Verification certificates

    Session 4:

    Clauses reflecting commercial terms

    • Pricing. Margin, commitment fee, Arrangement fee

    • Purpose

    • Repayment

    • Security

    • Governing Law, Jurisdiction

    Session 5:

    ‘Protection’ Clauses

    • Conditions precedent

    • Representations and warranties

    • Positive and negative undertakings (financial & non-financial)

    • Covenants

    • Cross default/cross acceleration

    • Material Adverse Change/Material Adverse Effect

    • Amendments & waivers

    • Events of default

    Session 6:

    Covenant setting – credit considerations

    • Analysis of differing economic and competitive environments

    • Review of main covenant areas

    • Gearing

    • Leverage

    • Interest/fixed charges cover ratios

    • Asset coverage ratios – LTV, margin loans

    • Setting appropriate covenants for borrower’s credit profile

    Session 7:

    Other noteworthy clauses

    • Illegality

    • Change of control

    • Market Disruption

    • Tax gross up

    • Increased cost

    Session 8:

    Syndicated Loans

    • Role of Arranger, Book runner and Agent

    • Majority definition

    • Transfers, novation and sub participation. The Secondary loan market

    Session 9:


    • Different types of security

    • Fixed/floating charge

    • Cross/upstream guarantees

    • Letters of Comfort

    • Perfecting security

    • Priority ranking and inter creditor issues

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