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Introduction to Trade and Export Finance

  • Banking and Financial Markets, Corporate Finance, Corporate Treasury, Documentation, Islamic Finance, Legal, Retail Banking, Risk and Credit
  • Duration: One day
  • Information

    This is a one day programme with the possibility of being extended.


    • An introduction to international trade and key risks

    • The use of trade instruments and documentation to mitigate risk

    • The financing of trade transactions


    Session 1:

    Identifying and managing trade risk

    • Buyer, bank and country risk (financial risk of non-payment/delayed payment)

    • Control of goods (the importance of documents of title and their control)

    • Risk and cost responsibility (Incoterms 2010)

    Session 2:

    An overview of International Trade Documentation

    • Bills of Exchange, Bills of Lading and other documents (Croner)

    Session 3:

    Risk Ladder

    • Overview of methods of payment and related risk implications of each

    Session 4:

    Letters of Credit

    • What a Letter of Credit is and when it should be used

    • Overview of the types of Letter of Credit

    • The parties to a Letter of Credit

    • Sight and term Letters of Credit

    • How a Letter of Credit works

    • Letter of Credit confirmation/commitment to negotiate

    • Retaining control and the fundamentals of getting paid

    • Financing Letters of Credit – discount/negotiation

    • Common problems and the implications of discrepancies

    • Bank charges

    • UCP 600

    • The Letter of Credit template

    • The Letter of Credit checklist

    Session 5:

    Other documentary methods of payment (when they should be used and how they work)

    • Standby Letters of Credit/Bank Guarantees

    • Avalised Bills

    • Export Collections (Cash against Documents & Documents against Acceptance)

    Session 6:

    Bank Bonds, Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit

    • What these are and how they work

    • The risks and implications of issuing these to your buyer

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