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Islamic Treasury and Money Markets

  • Islamic Finance
  • Duration: One day
  • Information

    This course is designed to provide a comprehensive and practical knowledge on treasury and money market products offered by Islamic banks. The course will cover all typical treasury products and will explain in details the flow of Islamic treasury and money market products. The course will also provide high level information on the Shariah requirements that the treasury department needs to fulfill ensuring Shariah compliance of the products.

    The Course is structured to provide maximum learning and will achieve the required benefit through a combination of lectures, group discussions and exercises. After attending the course;

    • You will have a comprehensive knowledge of the Shariah requirements for the treasury department.

    • You will know how to price and trade Shariah compliant money market products.

    • You will be able to understand and overcome the risks and challenges related to Islamic financial products.

    • You will have full understanding of the operational requirements for Islamic products.

    Basic knowledge of Shariah and Islamic Finance will be required.


    • To have a better understanding of the Islamic treasury and money market products.

    • To provide practical and comprehensive knowledge on treasury deal flows from Shariah perspective.

    • To acquire the knowledge of Islamic financial contracts structure.

    • To obtain good understanding of the Shariah requirements to ensure all transactions are implemented in accordance with Shariah.

    • To give you more confidence in putting to test your new skills in trading Shariah compliant products.


    Session 1:

    Islamic treasury and money market products

    Session 2:


    • Main Shariah requirements

    • The structure of the Murabaha contract

    • Executing Murabaha deals

    • Buying and Selling metal

    • Dealing with the brokers

    • Procedures and operational control for Murabaha

    Session 3:


    • Main Shariah requirements

    • The structure of the Wakala contract

    • Executing Wakala deals

    • Procedures and operational control for Wakala

    • Conditions for using the Wakala contract

    Session 4:


    • Definition of Sukuk

    • Types of Sukuk

    • Trading in Sukuk for treasury proposes

    Session 5:

    Investment Funds - Syndicated Murabaha

    Session 6:

    Foreign Exchange

    • Main Shariah requirements

    • Spot transactions

    • Forward Transactions

    • Islamic SWAP

    • Currency SWAP

    • Profit SWAP

    Session 7:

    Asset and Liability Management of Islamic products

    • Liquidity risk issues

    • Credit risk issues

    • Operational risk issues

    • Pools of funds: one or more?

    • Calculating of profit - Wakala vs Murabaha

    • Back to back deals

    Session 8:

    Shariah governance requirements for treasury department

    • Main Shariah requirements

    • Shariah noncompliance risk

    • Using own agreements or / counterparty agreements

    • Handling late payment charges

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