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Introduction to Private Equity

  • Banking and Financial Markets, Corporate Finance, Risk and Credit
  • Duration: One day
  • Information

    An introduction to the concepts of Private Equity, looking at private equity vs venture capital, company valuation, buyout structures, legal considerations and key investment criteria.


    Session 1:

    Background to Private Equity

    • Background to growth of the private equity market

    • How private equity differs from venture capital

    • New trends for management buyouts

    • Motivations of different parties and potential for conflicts of interest

    • How funds are structured, expected returns and fees

    • Key terminology

    • Case study: Transaction types (MBO, MBI, BIMBO, IBO, P2P, LBO, LBU, SBO)

    Session 2:

    Structuring and Pricing a Buy Out

    • What influences Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

    • Key aspects of structuring and typical structures across small to large deals

    • The different types of debt: senior, second lien, mezzanine, high yield bonds

    • The importance of loan characteristics - amortisation/bullet, PIK

    • Equity considerations and special features of management equity

    • Case study: Attractions and risks of a UK buyout

    • Case study: Simple IRR

    • Case study: Structuring the amount and type of debt for an MBO

    Session 3:

    Legal Considerations

    • NewCo’s and the reasons for use of Special Purpose Vehicles

    • Financial Assistance and impact of the Companies Act 2006

    • Structural vs. Contractual Subordination

    • Lender considerations and debt pushdown

    • Due diligence and documentation

    • Case study: Matching up documentation requirements

    Session 4:

    Achieving a successful buyout

    • Factors influencing the investment decision

    • It’s all about exit and IRR - exit routes for the sponsor and how they’ve been changing

    • Non-financial input by the sponsor

    • Key factors in selecting buyouts

    • Why buyouts work and don’t work

    • Reasons for failure

    • Case study: Review of buyout candidates to select potential winners

    • Case study: Options when things go wrong

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