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  • Introduction to Liquidity Management

Introduction to Liquidity Management

  • Banking and Financial Markets, Corporate Treasury, Fund Management, Islamic Finance, Retail Banking
  • Duration: One day
  • Information

    A one-day highly practical course for everyone needing to know more about how to invest cash surpluses for optimum rates. This course will examine the range of available financial instruments in Sterling, Dollars and the Euro and discuss the essentials of the relevant interest calculations, the role of LIBOR, day counts and market practice. Should the funds be invested with banks, building societies or even the newer Money Market Funds -what about Credit Risk?

    This course will be useful for treasurers and their staff, cash managers, auditors, accountants, financial control, fund managers, marketing and sales personnel in banks and brokers.


    Session 1:

    What is liquidity management?

    • Using our cash surpluses effectively

    • Maximising income (yield)

    • Minimising risk

    • Maximising liquidity

    • Getting the best service from your banks

    Session 2:

    Liquidity management – best practice

    • Clear objectives

    • On-shore VS Off-shore investments

    • Segregation of responsibility

    • Risk VS return

    • Be prudent – be safe

    • More than one banking service provider

    Session 3:

    Investing in the London Market

    • The Bank of England and its daily operations (OMO)

    • Market participants and their motivations:

    • Banks, brokers, building societies, corporate and institutional sectors

    • The need for quality information

    Session 4:

    Investment essentials

    • Simple interest and discount calculations

    • The role and use of LIBOR/LIBID/EURIBOR

    • Interest calculations: days counts, accruals

    • Discount, Coupon and Yield to Redemption

    Session 5:

    The Investment Spectrum - Definition and Key Features of:

    • Treasury Bills

    • Acceptances

    • Certificates of Deposits (CDs)

    • Term Deposits

    • Commercial paper (CP)

    • Money Market Funds (MMF)

    • Applications and examples

    Session 6:

    Investor Risk

    • How safe is my investment?

    • Investor protection

    • Which banks shall I use?

    • Understanding market signals

    • Use of Credit Ratings

    • Efficient Frontier theory

    Session 7:

    Getting the best rates on the day

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