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Introduction to Insurance

  • Banking and Financial Markets, Insurance, Retail Banking
  • Duration: One day
  • Information

    This is a One – Day Programme


    After completing this course you will be able to:

    Session 1:

    • Explain the difference between buyers, sellers and intermediaries in the UK Insurance Market

    • Outline the nature of the main insurance sellers including Insurance Companies – Mutuals, proprietary, direct; Mutual Indemnity Associations; Lloyd’s and Captives

    • Outline the responsibilities of an agent

    • Identify the role of a broker

    • Explain the advantages to the insurance buyer and seller when using a broker

    Session 2:

    • Describe the membership and main functions of six organisations associated with the UK insurance market that are not buyers, sellers or intermediaries

    • Summarise the intention of Financial Services and Markets Act 2000

    • Explain the process of Regulation by the FSA

    • Outline of the eleven FSA Principles for Business eight ICOB Rules

    • Explain the risk transfer process

    • State the seven features of an Insurable Risk

    • Outline the types of insurance that are Compulsory by Statute in the UK

    • Explain why some insurances are compulsory

    Session 3:

    • Identify the benefits of insurance

    • Distinguish between benefit and indemnity policies

    • Summarise the different Benefits payable under PA or Sickness policies

    • Outline the methods of providing settlement under indemnity policies including payment by cheque, repair, replacement and reinstatement

    • Identify the limitations to the amount offered in settlement of indemnity claims – Sum Insured, Limit of Indemnity, Loss Limit, Single Article Limit, Pro Rata Condition of Average, Excess and Franchise

    • Outline the extensions of New for Old/ Reinstatement and Agreed Value policies

    • Briefly explain the importance of subrogation and contribution in the operation of indemnity policies

    Session 4:

    • Outline the requirements of a valid contract and apply to insurance contracts – offer, acceptance, consideration, capacity, legal purpose, legally binding and consensus ad idem.

    • Explain the importance of Utmost Good Faith in the process of arranging insurance

    • Explain the operation of Perils and Hazards with reference to the nature of material facts and the operation of Utmost Good Faith

    • Explain the importance of premium payment and distinguish between the main options for its payment including in full, in instalments and adjustable premiums

    • State the rate of Insurance Premium Tax that applies to which policies

    • Summarise the operation of Proximate Cause in settling claims

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