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Introduction to Derivatives

  • Derivatives
  • Duration: One day
  • Information

    This One-day programme gives a step-by-step guide to the products, applications and risks in the derivatives markets. Futures, Options and Swaps will be covered and we will give an insight into the world of the trader. The concept of the “underlying” will be explained; Over the Counter (OTC) and Exchange traded instruments will be considered and we will look at examples and applications. Teaching methodology will include discussions, casework and exercises.


    Session 1:

    The Derivatives Markets

    Background and development of the Derivatives markets

    Definition and key features:

    • Options, Swaps and Futures

    • Exchange Traded VS Over the counter (OTC) products

    • Single VS multiple settlement

    • Premium VS non-premium instruments

    • Derivatives Volumes

    • The concept of the “underlying”

    • Forward pricing

    Session 2:

    Financial Futures

    Definition and key features

    • Open outcry VS screen based trading

    • Contract specifications

    • Trading and hedging

    Session 3:

    Futures Market Structure and Operations

    How a trade is made:

    • Trading

    • Matching

    • Clearing

    • Margining: Initial and Variation margins

    • Case study

    Session 4:

    Overview of Forward Rate Agreements (FRAs)

    Definition and key features

    • Implied forward rates

    • Comparison between Futures and FRAs

    • Applications and examples

    Session 5:

    Interest Rate Swaps

    Definition and key features

    • Terminology

    • Range of swap types: "vanilla" (fixed/floating), basis swaps

    • Applications and examples

    Session 6:

    Overview of Options

    • Definition and key features

    • Terminology

    • OTC VS Exchange traded products

    • Options VS forward contracts

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