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Introduction to the London Insurance Market

  • Banking and Financial Markets, Insurance
  • Duration: One day
  • Information

    This is a One – Day Programme, giving delegates an introductory level overview of the London Insurance Market.


    After completing this course you will be able to:

    Session 1:

    • Outline the history and structure of the London Market and its importance in the global markets

    • Distinguish between The Council of Lloyd’s, the Franchise Board, Member’s and Managing Agents, Names and Corporate members of Lloyd’s

    • Explain the operation of a subscription market;

    • Identify the purpose of the Franchise Board and the Council of Lloyd’s in the regulation and governance of Lloyd’s

    • State the purpose of the Associations in the London Market including LMA, IUA, LIIBA and MRG

    • Explain the purpose and aims of the process of business reform taking place in the London Market

    • Summarise the FSA’s regulatory approach of the London Market

    Session 2:

    • Outline the importance of Insurable Interest

    • State the process of placing business in the open market identifying the role of the Broker and Underwriter

    • Explain the significance of Utmost Good Faith in the relationship between underwriter and broker

    • Distinguish between physical and moral hazards and the relationship between them in the application of Utmost Good Faith

    • Summarise the purpose of the Market Reform Contract and the importance of the headings on the ‘slip’

    • Outline the operation of the General Underwriter’s Agreement (GUA)

    • State what is meant by ‘lead’ and ‘follow’ underwriters and their particular responsibilities

    Session 3:

    • Describe the purpose and apply and process of signing down Précis what is meant by contract certainty

    • Describe the concept of underwriting risk and the concept of reserving and the need to make provision for outstanding liabilities

    • Explain when the underwriter is on risk

    • Explain and apply the basic methods of premium calculation;

    • Outline the security of the policy in Lloyd’s

    • Distinguish between Binding Authorities, Line Slips and Consortium Agreements as other methods of conducting business in the London Market

    Session 4:

    • State the purpose of Cover Notes, Policies and Certificates in the London Market

    • Outline the basic procedures for preparing a policy and the role of Exchanging Ins-sure Services in this

    • Identify the role and responsibilities of the insured, brokers and underwriters in claims notification, investigation and settlement

    • Summarise the importance of claims management to the Lloyd’s Market

    • Explain the role and function of loss adjusters, marine surveyors and average adjusters, Exchanging Claims Services, CLASS and ECF in the processing of claims in the London Market

    • Outline the operation of Proximate Cause, Indemnity, Benefit Policies, Subrogation and Contribution when investigating claims

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