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General Insurance Financials

  • Insurance
  • Duration: One day
  • Information

    A one day highly participative programme which equips participants to discuss the business model of general insurers; to interpret their financial statements; to use key ratios to evaluate performance; and to outline the basics of their prudential capital. The intended participants are senior sales and relationship managers who wish to enhance their ability to hold knowledgeable conversations with general clients about current business issues

    Participants are assumed to be familiar with basic insurance concepts and terminology; and with the essentials of double entry accounting. The course will be based largely on the 2010 financial statements of a major UK general insurer


    Session One
      Main classes of general insurance: property and liability; personal and commercial lines; company markets and Lloyd’s co-insurance models
      Role of brokers
      Other distribution channels
      How and why insurers use reinsurance; facultative and treaty covers; catastrophe covers
      The insurance cycle

    Session Two
    Income statement
      Gross and net premiums; written and earned premiums
      Provision for unearned premium; deferred acquisition costs
      Key ratios: retention, combined, loss ratio, expense ratio
      Insurance fraud
      Income statement line by line

    Session Three
    Balance sheet
      Balance sheet overview
      Insurance contract liabilities
      IBNR, ultimate loss ratios and loss development triangles
      Problems of under-reserving


    Session Four
    Prudential capital and other regulation
      Solvency requirements
      Implications of Solvency II
      Other industry issues

    Course Conclusion

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