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Application to Insurance Principals

  • Banking and Financial Markets, Insurance
  • Duration: One day
  • Information

    This is a follow up programme to Introduction to Insurance.


    Session 1:

    • Apply the principle of Insurable Interest to case studies

    • Outline when and how Insurable Interest exists and can be amended

    • Explain the underwriting process and the importance of disclosure of material facts.

    • Distinguish between perils and physical and moral hazards applying to selected classes of insurance

    • Recall the action taken in the event of non-disclosure of material facts

    • Identify those facts that do not constitute non-disclosure if withheld

    Session 2:

    • Identify the different methods of risk identification including proposals, surveys, slips, IT systems

    • Explain in outline the purpose of the heading of the risk detail section of an MR contract placing document

    • Outline the relevance and application of quotations

    • Outline the internal and external factors that influence a premium rate

    • Accurately calculate burning rate, premiums and commission

    • State the nature and function of the documentation used in insurance including policies, endorsements and warranties and FSA required documentation

    • Explain the market exclusions applicable to policies

    • Recall the operation of policy conditions

    • Distinguish between warranties, conditions and representations

    Session 3:

    • Outline the process of settling claims including the responsibilities of the insured and the insurer

    • Identify the people and documents that are used in investigating claims

    • Explain the principle of proximate cause

    • Apply the principle of proximate cause to simple claims under a Standard ABI Fire policy

    Session 4:

    • Explain the principle of indemnity

    • Identify the factors taken into account when quantifying indemnity

    • Recall and apply the limitations to claim settlements including, Sum Insured, Average, Deductible, Co-insurance, First Loss,

    • Explain the importance of subrogation and contribution

    • Outline the ways in which contribution and subrogation arise

    • Apply the principles of contribution and subrogation to simple claims

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