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  • Improving Client Relationship Management (2)

Improving Client Relationship Management (2)

  • Banking and Financial Markets, Management Skills, Retail Banking, Risk and Credit
  • Duration: Two days
  • Information

    This Two – Day course will provide a unique insight – and practical guidance – for bankers with Corporate Finance Relationship Management responsibilities, who want to improve their skills in building the number and quality of their client relationships. The tutor brings 6 years’ banking experience and 20 years’ experience as a senior corporate financial buyer, with primary responsibility for banking relationships, who has worked with a large array of major banks on corporate finance projects throughout the world.


    Day One


    By guiding participants through the subtle process of understanding clients’ requirements and priorities, this course unlocks the decision-making process which can make the difference between static bank pool membership and the transition to top tier advisory relationships. Participants will learn how their clients think, how they see and assess their advisors and how to develop best practice versus market practice, hence enabling your organisation to maximise its competitiveness.

    Making the programme Results-Orientated

    The course has been structured as a two-day highly practical programme with the emphasis on role-plays and participants’ interaction.

    Pre-programme briefing to ensure the course meets your strategic objectives

    • Use of interactive presentations, case study rehearsals and role playing of real scenarios

    • Focus on listening skills and learning to read and react to signals

    • Presentation and negotiation skills – making sure they help, not hinder, relationship management

    • Individual follow-up, coaching and mentoring

    Courses can be individually tailored to the requirements of:

    • Relationship Managers

    • Product Managers

    • Execution Specialists

    • From senior level to those just starting – fortifying all links in the client management process!

    Session 1:

    Client Call Preparation

    • What and how to prepare

    • How to get through

    • Tracking the client’s agenda

    • Objectives for your first meeting

    • Following up

    • Dealing with objections

    • Cold calling

    • What is a new client expecting?

    Session 2:

    What does the Financial Buyer need?

    • Who goes to the top of the list?

    • 10 do’s and don’ts

    • How do you become an insider?

    • How often do you stay in contact, and how?

    • Picking up signals

    • Cross-marketing with colleagues

    Session 3:

    Selling to the Customer

    • How clients buy

    • Effective information gathering – the key to providing a proactive, innovative service

    • Who’s who in the client’s finance and project team, and how do you manage their differing requirements?

    • How do you keep a deal on track and on time?

    Day Two

    Session 1:

    Discussion of Participants’ Current Client Relationship Challenges

    • Tips on unlocking difficult corporate finance relationships and opportunities

    • What are they thinking and what are the clues?

    • How do you break into their traditional advisory relationship group?

    • How do you stay in contact when there are no present corporate finance opportunities?

    Session 2:

    Presentation Role-Plays

    • Competing in “beauty pageants”

    • Distinguishing yourselves from the herds

    • Rehearsal and co-ordination

    Session 3:

    The Bank’s brand name and the competition

    • How do CEO’s, CFO’s and Corporate Financial managers view your Institution?

    • What do they like?

    • What don’t they like?

    • Why they will buy your Institution’s products and advisory services

    • Review of major competitors and how they are viewed

    • Strengths and weaknesses of competitors

    Session 4:

    Client Management Role-Plays

    • Expanding corporate finance advisory relationships and increasing your share of deals

    • Repeating your success: profitable client retention

    • Extending the depth and range of your relationship – becoming a trusted advisor

    • Overcoming hurdles: challenging traditional mindsets that may be holding you back

    Session 5:

    Presentation Role-Plays

    Participants will have the opportunity to role-play both as a sales person and also as a client, typical corporate finance/M&A advisory situations. The role-plays will be designed to cover the industries and types of clients most relevant to the participant group, and where possible will adapt real “war stories” from the Bank’s own files and from the tutor’s experiences.

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