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Respect in the Workplace

  • Diversity, Management Skills
  • Duration: Half-day
  • Information

    This highly participative half-day workshop is aimed at staff in banks wishing to learn more about the importance of discrimination, bullying and harassment issues in the workplace. It will stress the need to promptly identify potential problems and show how to deal with them effectively.

    This knowledge will prevent the possible escalation of a small predicament into a likely subject for ensuing litigation. It will also detail the company policies and procedures on these matters.

    Clients who would benefit from attending this course would be all managers in charge of teams – however small.

    This may include sales, marketing, dealers, traders and support staff. Anyone who employs contractors or consultants, whether they are from IT, Security or elsewhere.

    The HR department and any others who recruit staff will also benefit from this workshop.


    Session 1:

    Introduction and Objectives

    • Market background;

    • Cost to Business

    • Effects on organisational & personal well being

    • Diversity within organisational culture

    • Cultural expectations

    • Discrimination legislation – how the nets getting wider

    • Prevention is better than cure

    • Damage Limitation NOT Disaster Recovery

    • Policy methodology at XXX: Mission statement

    Session 2:

    Interactive session

    Questions on current perceptions of Harassment, Bullying and Diversity.

    Syndicate exercise using examples of possible discrimination categories; asking the participants to decide, “Yes” or “No”

    Session 3:

    What is Discrimination?

    • Definition of Discrimination and harassment

    • Discrimination based on: sex, race, nationality, disability,

    • Direct versus indirect discrimination

    • The sub species? distinctions between bullying / harassment

    • What the law says & actually what does that mean to you?

    • Implied duties, Health & Safety,

    • stress claims , liability, redress

    • How common are these issues?

    • Who can be discriminated against? Where and When?

    • Interactive case studies discussion

    Session 4:

    Beat the bully - What to look for as a manager

    • Harassment - attempting to define

    • Subjectivity is key

    • Identifying signs & symptoms of Bullying & harassment

    • What is NOT bullying – firm management in finance

    • Listening & Questioning

    • Avoid claims - implementing zero tolerance

    • Managing difficult situations -Getting help

    • Your responsibility as a Manager

    • Policy explained and Practice implementation

    • Feedback on how to deal with the situation in terms of company policy.

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