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Fundamentals of Financial Risk

  • Banking and Financial Markets, Retail Banking, Risk and Credit
  • Duration: Two days
  • Information

    This is a two-day participative course for staff new to risk management techniques. The teaching methodology will feature lectures, discussion, case studies and syndicate work.

    The objective of this course is to provide participants with a sound basis of knowledge of the fundamental components of risk and risk management in finance and banking. No prior knowledge is assumed


    Session 1:

    An introduction to risk management

    • The risk-management framework

    • Financial risk – an overview and the way risk management connects with the capital markets and banking

    • The generic characteristics of risk

    Session 2:

    Current trends in risk and risk management

    Specific risk and market risk defined

    Subjective risk - cultural, personality and attitude

    The components of risk:

    • country-sovereign-political

    • currency-exchange rate

    • commodity

    • interest rate

    • commercial-credit

    • project

    Session 3:

    How it all can go wrong

    • Enron

    • AIB

    • LTCM

    • Orange County

    • L.B. of Hammersmith

    • Barings Bank

    • Metallgesellschaft

    Session 4:

    Managing and Measuring risk:

    • operational

    • accounting

    • model

    • tax

    • legal

    • political

    • liquidity

    • The risk glossary

    Session 5:

    Risk measurement tools:

    • Value at risk

    • Simulation – historical and Monte Carlo

    • Risk parameters – the Greeks

    • Variance co-variance and correlation

    • Yield curve modelling

    • Staff in organisations and their attitudes towards risk – risk and reward.

    Session 6:

    Derivatives and hedging

    We shall be looking at when and where it is appropriate to use Derivatives and Hedging.

    When it is appropriate to use derivatives:

    • Swaps

    • Options

    • Futures

    Session 7:

    Standards of risk management; organisational responsibilities

    • Does the Board truly understand risk? The 13 questions

    • Risk standards for investment managers

    • The balance between risk and reward

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