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Introduction to Portfolio Management

  • Banking and Financial Markets, Energy and Commodity Markets, Equity Markets, Foreign Exchange, Fund Management, Trading and Technical Analysis
  • Information

    This a Two-Day programme. Covering Efficient Markets and Modern Portfolio theory, Portfolio optimisation, risk management and the use of derivatives.


    Day One

    Session 1:

    Modern Portfolio Theory and Efficient Markets as applied to today’s environment

    • Efficient Markets – Are they? Do we live in a ‘Normal’ world?

    • The Capital Asset Pricing Model and Efficient Frontiers

    • Betas and the search for Alpha

    • What is the correct Equity Risk Premium now? Can history be a guide

    • Case Study – Beta at work in practice

    Session 2:

    Investment Performance Measurement and Benchmark Construction

    • What sort of returns do you want to measure exactly? Relative, Absolute, Guaranteed. Lessons from the Markets and Client perceptions

    • Time-Weighted VS Money-Weighted Performance Measurement

    • Performance attribution analysis

    • What are the desirable properties of the ‘right’ Benchmark Index

    • What about unconstrained investing as a strategy?

    Session 3:

    Investing in Bonds – From Sovereign to Corporate

    • Factors to consider when managing Bond Portfolios

    • The search for Income – From Sovereign to Corporate

    • Maturity, Duration; Yield Curve and Spread trading

    • From Investment Grade to High Yield – Rising Stars and Fallen Angels

    • Case Study – Credit Spreads in Practice across the Emerging Market Bond Universe

    Session 4:

    Investing in Equities – From Active to Passive

    • Thematic VS geographical selection criteria

    • Growth VS Value Investing – how do the numbers work?

    • Thematic Investing – the Ethical/Green approach

    • Can active management add value? The growth of Index Tracking

    • Exchange Traded Funds – Active passive?

    • Case Study – Assessment Criteria used by Equity Fund Managers

    Day Two

    Session 1:

    Portfolio Construction for Private clients in practice

    • How have Wealth Managers’ invested their Clients’ wealth to date?

    • Investments of ‘passion’

    • Changing Asset allocation strategies in today’s Markets

    • Diversification VS Correlation

    • Case Study – Correlations between the Equity Markets of Africa

    • Client profiles and model portfolios

    • Case Study – Putting together a Portfolio for a HNWI in practice

    Session 2:

    Risk Measurement and Management across the Investable Universe

    • Volatility – Statistical probability and dispersion of returns

    • Fat Tails in Finance & Black Swans explained

    • Case Study – Volatility in practice across the Mutual Fund Universe

    • Sharpe Ratios – Risk adjusted performance measurement

    • Portfolio Optimisation and rebalancing (Excel demonstration)

    • Value at Risk

    Session 3:

    Using Derivatives in Portfolio Management

    • Which products do Portfolio Managers mainly use and why?

    • For Hedging or Speculation

    • Exchange Tradable VS Over-the-Counter instruments

    • Index Futures – Hedging a Portfolio, Margin requirements

    • Swaps for Fund Managers – Equity Index; Credit Default

    • Using Options to protect Portfolio positions

    Session 4:

    Using Alternative Investments in the Portfolio – Hedge Funds

    • What are they exactly? How do they differ from conventional Funds?

    • The non-correlated Asset Class – Efficient Frontiers revisited

    • Survivorship Bias, Drawdown

    • Transparency issues

    • Benchmark risks for Investors

    • Manager tactics – Leverage and Shorting explained

    • Case Study – How do Investors choose their Hedge Fund Manager?

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