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Hedge Funds and Sovereign Wealth Funds

  • Banking and Financial Markets, Bonds & Fixed Income Markets, Derivatives, Energy and Commodity Markets, Equity Markets, Fund Management
  • Information

    A comprehensive overview of the Hedge Fund Industry. The investment strategies and rationale, major players, tactics, counter-parties and issues for investors.


    Session 1: Introduction to the Hedge Fund industry

    • What are they exactly? Generic characteristics to look for

    • Industry origins. Why are some Funds ‘hedged’ and some not?

    • How large is the overall Hedge Fund Universe? The numbers in context

    • Asset Class performance or Manager value-added? The search for Alpha

    Case Study - How do Investors choose their Hedge Fund Managers?

    Session 2: Hedge Fund Tactics, Counter-Parties

    • Counter-parties - Fund Administrators and Prime Brokerage

    • Leverage & investing on margin.

    • Short Selling explained. Stock lending – by who?

    • Waiter! There’s a Hedge Fund on my Share Register, what do I do?

    • Contracts for Difference – obtaining exposure to movement in the Share price without having a position in the underlying, Long or Short

    Session 3: Issues for Hedge Fund Investors

    • Who is investing in them?

    • Pension Funds & now Sovereign Wealth Funds

    • Rationale for Hedge Funds in an Investors’ Portfolio

    • The non-correlated Asset Class

    • Attrition rates and Survivorship Bias, Drawdown

    • Institutionalisation of Hedge Funds, Index Providers – Benchmark problems

    Case Study – Exclusion criteria in the due diligence process

    Session 4: The Regulator’s view of and Risk Management for Hedge Funds

    • The FSA standpoint. Short Selling disclosure rules

    • Market , leverage and Credit risk, Gap and liquidity risk, Mark-to-market risk

    • Tools for the Analysis of Financial Risk – From VAR to Stress Testing

    • Do not forget Operational Risk – the story of Tradewinds

    Case Study – Information requested by Intermediaries

    Session 5: Sovereign Wealth Funds

    • What are they exactly & what do they do?

    • Where they are and how much money do they manage?

    • Transparency and Investment Strategies. Risks of financial protectionism

    • Implications for Global Financial stability in the markets

    • Relationships with Corporates and their shareholders

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