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An Introduction to Energy and Commodity Markets

  • Banking and Financial Markets, Derivatives, Energy and Commodity Markets, Trading and Technical Analysis
  • Duration: One day
  • Information

    World Markets have never been so volatile, with the global energy and commodity prices seeing huge price swings, with the knock-on effect to currencies and stock prices.

    This one-day highly participative course will concentrate on the market fundamentals of Commodities, with particular reference to oil and oil products, metals and other commodities. Teaching methodology will be via tutorials, case studies and exercises.


    Who should attend

    This is an essential course for those who require an understanding of the energy and commodity markets. Pricing, trading, hedging and risk.

    No previous knowledge is required.


    Global Commodity Markets

    •   Commodity Exchanges/ OTC markets
    •   Commodities as an asset class for institutional investors
    •   Commodity traders, banks and the supply chain
    •   Supply, demand and the weather


     Energy Markets

    Oil and Oil products

    •   Range of crudes: West Texas Intermediate (WTI), Brent, Dubai/Oman
    •   Sweet vs Sour
    •   Market practice and Special features of power trading
    •   What is Platts – market reference rate?

    Market Instruments

    •   Trading spot, cash and physical delivery
    •   Forward and Futures Pricing
    •   Long and Short Hedging
    •   Derivatives – futures, options and swaps
    •   Commodity Indices - Goldman Sachs (GSCI, Thompson Reuters (CRB)

    Examples and applications

    Metals and other commodities

    •   Bullion and The London Bullion Market
    •   The London Metal Exchange (LME) – Industrial metals
    •   Softs- agricultural, livestock

    Course Conclusion

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