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Understanding Treasury for Corporate Bankers

  • Banking and Financial Markets, Corporate Treasury, Derivatives
  • Duration: Two days
  • Information

    A Two -Day highly participative course.

    This course includes exercises and case work for those seeking to understand the Treasury activities within a major corporation. An opportunity to see how the skills gained on the graduate programme are put into practice in the real world. We will consider how XXX can optimise their interaction with the client, always bearing in mind, that the client is usually multi-banked and may choose to deal elsewhere. In short, why should they deal with XXX?


    Day One

    Session 1:

    Introduction and Course Objectives

    Banks vs. corporations: similarities and differences

    Session 2:

    The role of the Treasury Department

    • Profit Centre VS Service Centre

    • Transfer pricing

    • Earning volatility

    • Key jobs and functions

    • Traders, sales, sales-traders, prop traders, management, risk, IT

    Session 3:

    Treasury in a Client organisation

    The Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT)

    • Best practice

    • Segregation of duties

    • Policy and Procedures Manual;

    • What is it?

    • What does it contain?

    • Why does the customer need it?

    • How does it help us focus?

    Session 4:

    Corporate culture and attitude to risk management

    • Styles of Corporate Treasury

    • Advisory, Agency, In-house bank

    • To hedge or not to hedge

    • Risk averse vs. risk loving

    • Cost centre vs. profit centre

    Session 5:

    Key Corporate Treasury Functions

    Cash Management

    • Forecasting

    • Monitoring bank account balances

    • Making payments when due

    • Moving cash between accounts

    • Value dates

    • Pooling, Netting Zero-Balancing

    • Bank charges

    Session Six:

    Liquidity Management

    • Optimising yield and minimising funding costs

    • Understanding liquidity

    • Risk-Reward relationship

    Session 7:

    Investing surpluses

    • In the right instruments

    • At the right prices - beware of credit risk

    • Appropriate maturity

    • Negotiability

    Session 8:

    Managing short term borrowings

    • Minimise interest costs

    • Maximise flexibility

    Session 9:

    Tools of the trade:

    • Treasury Bills, Term deposits/loans, Acceptances, CDs,

    CP, Money Market Funds

    • Syndicate Exercise

    Day Two

    Session 1: Key Corporate Treasury Functions - continued

    Funding Management

    • Sources of funding;

    • Debt vs. Equity

    • Cash vs. Capital market

    Session 2: Risk Management protocols

    • The use and application of Derivative products

    • Which products are acceptable?

    • Futures, Options, Swaps

    • Exchange Traded vs. OTC

    • Sell as well as buy

    • Counterparty credit risk

    Session 3: Currency Risk Management

    • Range of currency exposures;

    • Transaction

    • Translation

    • Strategic/ Economic Risk

    • Using Spot and Forward Foreign Exchange & Currency Options

    • Corporate applications of currency hedging tools

    • Case study

    Session 4: Interest Rate Risk Management

    • Active vs. passive risk management

    • Using Derivatives

    • Long and short term products: Swaps, FRAs

    • Applications and examples

    • Case study

    Session Five: Banking Relationships

    • Relationship vs. Transaction Banking

    • The element of competition;

    • How many banks does the customer use?

    • Who are they?

    • Is XXX in the top Three?Why does it matter?

    • What services does XXX offer?

    • What services does the competition offer?

    • How can we improve?

    • Endearing yourself to the client

    Course Close

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