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Clients Financial Awareness Skills

  • Accounting
  • Duration: Two days
  • Information

    A two day programme giving an overview of the type of information freely available in a client’s balance sheet and their other financial statements, and then using them to generate business. This is followed by an insight into the key selling skills and deal closing techniques.


    Day One

    Session 1:

    The importance of the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Accounts and the Cash flow statement

    • What the Balance Sheet will tell you about the client’s business

    • Understanding the dynamics of Working Capital

    • Capital structure of the business

    • Valuation of the assets

    • Reserves, how they arise and how they can be used

    Session 2:

    The Profit and Loss Account

    • What it contains

    • The use of accounting adjustments to profit

    • How useful is profit as an indicator of growth

    Session 3:

    The Cash flow statement

    • Why profit does not equal cash

    • How to read a cash flow statement

    Session 4:

    Analytical techniques and skills

    • Using ratios effectively - to understand the past and future performance of a business

    • Case study on calculation/discussion of ratios

    • Using analytical skills to gain extra business

    Day Two

    Session 1:

    Preliminary and Test Closing techniques

    • Testing the degree of early customer commitment, and the recognition/testing thereof

    • Discussion of how customers give an early indication of interest and the examination of the language they use

    • The ways bankers can process this information

    Session 2:

    Interest and Commitment Statements - Language

    • Recognising that clients will express degrees of interest in a solution is a major selling skill.

    • This session will demonstrate ways in which the banker can recognise the relative levers of interest shown by a client.

    • How this can be developed as a way of bringing the client to the point of placing the business.

    Session 3:

    The Clear Buying Signal

    • Understanding when the clients has reached the point when the buying intention is clear

    • Demonstration of techniques which will allow the banker to bring the sales conversation to a point where it is desirable to “close”

    Session 4:

    Closing Techniques

    • Arriving at the “Yes” statement

    • Critical skills to ensure that the client does not feel pressured

    • Using the preceding skills to allow the conversation to come naturally to a point where the client will recognise that agreeing to the bank supplying the solution to the problem is a sensible and desirable thing to do.

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