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Banking Relationships

  • Banking and Financial Markets, Corporate Treasury, Retail Banking
  • Duration: One day
  • Information

    Many companies operate in splendid isolation when it comes to managing their banking relationships. What is "best practice”? How do other companies arrange things? A key area where companies are often under/over exposed is to their bankers. What constitutes “too many” banks, how many is “too few”? Are you paying too much for your banking services? This course will investigate current banking practices and suggest ways that you can reduce your cost base and improve the flow and quality of the information to and from these financial institutions.


    Session 1:


    Session 2:

    The Banking Sector:

    • Central, Clearing, Merchant/Investment, Foreign and Domestic banks, Universal banks, "Bancassurance", Internet banks

    • Banking regulation

    • The internal geography of a bank

    • How banks make money

    Session 3:

    Overview of Services offered by banks:

    • Treasury – FX, Money Markets, Term loans/deposits, O/D, Derivatives

    • Corporate Finance – Mergers, Acquisitions, Privatisations

    • Capital Markets – Bonds, Equity, Hybrids

    • Advice and Consultancy

    • Economic advice and reports

    • Electronic banking

    Session 4:

    Banking Relationships

    • Relationship banking

    • Price driven banking

    Session 5:

    Living with your chosen banks

    • Treasury Policy and Procedures

    • How and when to communicate with your banks

    • Meeting with your banks - guidelines

    • Pricing of banking services – are you paying too much?

    • Bank facilities

    Session 6:

    Choosing a new bank or losing a bank

    • Key criteria

    • How many banks do I need?

    • How many banks do I have?

    Session 7:

    Seeking competitive prices

    • How?

    • When?

    • With whom?

    • Dealing etiquette

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