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  • Accounting Fundamentals – Banking and Treasury

Accounting Fundamentals – Banking and Treasury

  • Accounting, Banking and Financial Markets
  • Duration: One day
  • Information

    This is a highly participative Level 1 - 2-day programme featuring, case studies, exercises and syndicate work. It will introduce the key accounting principles needed by all banking and treasury staff. The programme covers basic book-keeping and the accounting fundamentals required for the preparation of accounting statements. It is suitable for new entrants, non-accountants or experienced staff who need to understand accounting principles.


    Day One

    Session 1:

    Course introduction

    • Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss Account

    • Who uses them and the information contained within them

    • Definitions of Liquidity and Profitability

    • Definitions of Assets and Liabilities

    Session 2:

    Principles of double entry book-keeping

    • Debits and Credits

    Session 3:

    Ledger Accounting

    • What is accruals accounting

    • Marking to Market (M2M)

    • Fair Value accounting

    Session 4:

    Securities Transactions:

    • Stock Record

    • Securities Accounting

    Session 5:

    • Case Study

    Day Two

    Session 1:

    Multi-Currency Accounting

    • Currency ledgers

    • Position accounts

    • Period-end revaluations

    • Consolidations

    Session 2:

    Accounting entries for Foreign Exchange

    • Spot and Forward Contracts

    • Mark to Market valuations

    • Cash flows

    • Examples and applications

    Session 3:

    Accounting entries for Money Market transactions

    • Loans

    • Deposits

    • Case study

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