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Our courses are intended for a global audience, with each one being completely customisable to suit the needs of the individuals it is being delivered to.

They can be delivered in London or in your home town. You decide.

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Being one of the pioneers of banking and financial markets training in London, is undoubtedly more than qualified to offer training in the field of finance. Practitioners who have been actively involved in the markets are responsible for our training programs. Our courses are beneficial to anyone who wants to understand the complex world of global finance. Our goal is to teach the basics, through to advanced levels, plus help people to understand and interpret the current trends in the industry

Known for our consultancy services and financial markets expertise, we also offer training in the following subject areas:

  • Technical. Includes study and application relating to intensive treasury skills, accounting, credit and risk evaluation.
  • Management. The keys client skills, face to face customer influencing skills, effective presentation of ideas, report and letter writing and marketing or selling skills.
  • Diversity. Thorough analysis relative to the new codes of conduct and recognising the responsibility of both the corporation and the individual.
  • Corporate Finance. Involves study about corporate treasury, funding and risk management.

To date, Taylor Associates has been responsible for conducting training assignments in the US, Europe, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and the UAE. Hover on the links below to identify the program that best answers your enquiries about the more defined area of studies of finance. We can provide up-to-date and reliable training solutions in the field of finance including legal, banking, marketing, trading, operations and collateral management.