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Web-based e-learning modules

About E - Learning

E - Learning is a powerful web based learning and reporting package all about financial markets.
You access the learning you need.
You specify the users.
This can be a large group, a small team or an individual.
There is testing and reporting.
You can see what has been done.
You only pay for what you need.
Value for money.
A lot easier on your budget.
E - Learning shows you the content and objectives. You then start. Each course explains the key information. It is simply written and answers your questions. You don't have to be an expert.
E - Learning is bite sized. You can complete a course in 30-45 minutes. Each learning loop takes 5-10 minutes. It means courses are completed.
E - Learning provides you with tracking, testing and reporting. You can see what's done, show it to a third party and measure effectiveness.
E - Learning can be “white labelled” and you can add your own policies, procedures, risks and deals.

You can find out about the contents on the following pages.

E - Learning:

  1. All about Treasury  
  2. Asset Swaps        
  3. Basis Risk        
  4. Basis Point Value        
  5. Bond Futures         
  6. Caps & Floors        
  7. Collateral Management        
  8. Confirmations          
  9. Credit Default Swaps       
  10. Credit Linked Notes         
  11. Credit Spreads         
  12. Currency Basis Swaps        
  13. Currency Swaps         
  14. Duration         
  15. Fixed Rate Bonds        
  16. Floating Rate Notes        
  17. Foreign Exchange Swaps       
  18. Forward Interest Rates        
  19. Futures Markets        
  20. Gap Reports         
  21. How Dealers Make (And Lose) Money      
  22. Interest Rate Swaps        
  23. Money Markets         
  24. Options Explained       
  25. Present Value         
  26. Repurchase Agreements, Repo        
  27. Rogue Traders         
  28. Segregation of Duties         
  29. Settlement Risk         
  30. Short Term Interest Rate Futures       
  31. Spot & Forward Foreign Exchange        
  32. Swaptions          
  33. Total Return Swaps          
  34. Trade Capture         
  35. Value at Risk (VAR)