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Collateral Management- current and future state

Aims of the Course

The Collateral Management: Current & Future State training course is designed to firstly provide a fundamental grounding in the secure and controlled processing of collateral, with a particular focus on the operations aspects.  The subject of collateral is becoming increasingly important, as firms attempt to gain maximum leverage from their assets whilst attempting to minimise risk.

Secondly, the course is designed to express the purposes behind the regulatory changes, to explain what is central clearing and in particular the impact on collateral management, to describe what is collateral transformation and the reasons underlying collateral transformation services offered by banks to buy-side institutions, and to illustrate the issues with current Credit Support Annex arrangements and to describe the components of and the reasons for the new Standard CSA being introduced.  Furthermore, the optimal use of collateral within a firm will be discussed.


The objectives of the course are to provide participants with: 

  • Awareness of the essential purpose of collateral
  • Appreciation of numerous collateral-related transaction types
  • Understanding of the main collateral operational flow
  • Knowledge of how to derive collateral values & what impacts such values
  • Appreciation of the primary content of legal agreements
  • Understanding the purpose behind the new regulatory changes
  • Appreciation of the implications of central clearing on collateral management
  • Awareness of collateral transformation options available to buy-side firms
  • Understanding the purpose and content of the new Standard CSA
  • Awareness of how a firm’s assets can be used in an optimal fashion
  • Appreciation of the risks in processing collateral & the controls to mitigate