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Gary Saunders

Gary has a BSc in Psychology from Nottingham University. He is a member of the British Psychological Society and of the Institute of Directors. After graduating, Gary worked for British Petroleum for nine years before joining Coopers & Lybrand in 1987. He has been a consultant ever since.

He has specialised in developing approaches to help clients improve the management of the people aspects of change since 1990, working with more than 60 leading clients in most sectors of the European economy. Financial services clients include First Data, Lloyds TSB and Salomon Brothers.

The range of approaches he uses includes developing and aligning people with vision and values, leadership and team development, performance management and measuring the impact of change interventions on employee and customer satisfaction. Gary operates as a facilitator, coach, expert consultant or workshop leader, depending on the nature of the client need.

He is also a regular speaker at international conferences, contributes as a faculty member or leader to company and business school management development programmes, has published papers and articles in journals and trade magazines, contributed to Strategic Management (published OUP 2000) and co-authored a handbook on reward and recognition, published by Gee 2000.