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Derek Taylor

Derek's career in finance/treasury commenced with domestic banking at the Midland Bank plc., he progressed through the bank's International Division to become one of the youngest Midland Bank managers at the age of 22.

Derek then joined the Midland Bank Treasury in the City, and swiftly rose to become an Asst. Director in the dealing room in charge of inter-bank trading in major currencies, specializing in £/$, the largest traded currency in the bank. After extensive marketing in the far east Derek helped the development of the Asian and Pacific desk with personal responsibility for $/Yen. During this time he gained extensive systems experience helping design a front-end trading system for the Midland dealing room.

He then joined the American Investment bank Lehman Brothers, based in New York and London. After that, he became heavily involved in the setting up and management of cross currency broking desks, firstly at Tullet and Tokyo plc. and then at Harlow Butler plc., two of London's foremost money brokers.

Derek is an Associate of the Institute of Bankers, a member of the Forex Association and a member of the Society of Technical Analysts.