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Andrew Fight

Andrew works as a banking consultant for numerous banks, central banks and government entities in London and abroad, where he delivers consulting services and training seminars on banking and finance, specialising in areas such as credit risk management, financial analysis, asset liability management, and funding policies.

Andrew's banking career began with Chase Manhattan, where he specialised in the financial analysis of banks and corporates, bank risk management, banking regulatory matters, and syndicated lending, as well as lending to specialised industry sectors such as project finance.

Andrew has written and co-authored several books on banking and finance which include the Capital Markets Series by published by Elsevier, "The Ratings Game" and Understanding International Bank Risk", by Wiley and Sons, and "Syndicated Lending" and "Bank and Country Risk" by Euromoney Books. He is a regular speaker at conferences including the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation in London. He has a BA (Honours) Econ from the University of Manchester.